Shampooch Mobile Grooming LLC - Professional Grooming At Your Doorstep
Mobile Services
Mobile grooming is a premium service for both you and your pet.  Since we bring the salon to your door, it saves you the time and money driving back and forth to the groomer.  It also means no cages for your pet and an individualized spa experience for him/her that lasts between one and two hours.  Mobile grooming is modestly more expensive than shop prices but the savings in time, convenience and having your pet back in your arms in just an hour or so is priceless!  Your pet will receive one of the treatments below depending on their breed and coat:
The Spa Bath Treatment for short or flat coated breeds (i.e. Beagles, Labs, Pugs, etc.)
Includes luxury bath, toenails clipped and filed, ears cleaned, a blueberry facial to combat tear stains and odors, breath freshened, anals checked and expressed if necessary, hand drying and light brushing.  We end every session with a hug and a gourmet biscuit (if Mom or Dad says it's ok!) 
Deshed and Trim Treatment for medium coated breeds that don't require a haircut (i.e. Golden Retrievers, Brittany Spaniels, Sheltland Sheepdogs, etc. )
Includes everything in the Spa Bath Treatment, plus trimming around the eyes, sanitary area, neatening of the paws and light deshedding.  Dogs that require extra deshedding because they have not been groomed recently will be charged extra! 

The Full Shampooch! Our full grooming treatment:
Begins with the Spa Bath Treatment and includes the haircut of your choice (breed specific or otherwise).
  • Pets with matting, heavy/packed coat or difficult behaviour may be charged more.
  • If your pet is discovered to have fleas, there will be a $10 charge for a flea bath
                                 Services for Cats
We all know the rules for cats are different than they are for dogs.  After all, as they say, "Dog's have masters, cats have staff!"  We can only accept cats that are good to be groomed and can be handled by one person.  If your cat should become overly stressed, we reserve the right to stop the grooming process for their own safety.  We cannot groom aggressive cats...they should be groomed under a vet's supervision.  All prices based on coat condition and behaviour.
Short Haired bath $55
Long Haired bath/combout $60 and up
Clipping $75 and up
For Appointments Call (910) 508-8913