Shampooch Mobile Grooming LLC - Professional Grooming At Your Doorstep
to Shampooch, Wilmington's newest
mobile grooming service!  
You want the best for your pet and a
service that is convenient for you.  Shampooch offers you both by bringing the grooming salon to your doorstep! 
Why Mobile?   
For over ten years I worked in several of Wilmington's most popular grooming shops.  I then worked in a corporate mobile unit for two years and noticed a real difference for me and for the pets.  In the mobile van:
  • The pets are never worried about the sounds or smells of other dogs or cats around them 
  • They love being the 'star of the show'....never left alone in a cage to dry
  • They realize they were only a few steps from their front door which is very calming for pets (and their parents!) who experience separation anxiety
  • I keep the mobile salon meticulously clean and sanitized between each pet's appointment
  • I can groom dogs who truly need to be groomed but who have a difficult time being left for a long time at a shop; especially elderly or very anxious pets, and dogs that do not do well around other dogs
  • Owners love not having to organize their whole day around a drop off and pick up trip to the groomer's....after the first meeting with the mobile groomer, you don't even have to be home!
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A Shampooch Spa Day!
I decided that the benefits of mobile grooming were so great for the pet and for me, that I would try to find and purchase my own van when I could. So in 2010 I purchased my 'dream van' and started Shampooch Mobile Grooming to bring all the convenience and benefits of mobile grooming to the Wilmington area! 
For appointments call (910) 508-8913